Elizabeth "Oscar" Maynard is a queer southern butch boi, from Carolina. She is a free-lance activist and artist and happy to be back in the South after an almost year long stint on an organic farm overseas. She attended Antioch College and majored in Art/Psych/Gender Studies. Since 2006, stenciling has been her primary medium with a background in drawing, painting and photo. She is currently working on a project titled Femme Agency, which looks at the way queer Femme women reclaim and complicate femininity. She is invested in social justice movements, accountability and direct communication and these passions are woven into the work. Conceptually, she is drawn to mapping narrative onto place, bodies, and cultural iconography. Narrative resonates with her because she is rooted in a Southern US cultural tradition of story-telling. She is eager to do work that ties history to location, and restores meaning to words or images that have evolved beyond their historical context or original meaning.


  • stencil
  • photography
  • drawing
  • painting
  • public art
  • street art
  • murals
  • tattoo